The Moon and its influence

To survive, people have always been living in constant harmony with the rhythms of the moon; many significant monuments show how important was the observation and influence of the stars and the moon for the ancient ones.

Even Darwin, in his "On the origin of species" says the man, like all animals and birds, is affected by that mysterious force that comes from the moon phases, in many common events in life: pregnancy, plants growth, crops and healing processes.

In fact our ancestors found that:
- many phenomena in nature ( tides, births, menstrual cycle , ...) are related to moon phases
- many animals follow the position of the moon : eg. the birds gather material for their nests only at certain times, to allow their nest to get dry more quickly after the rain, etc. .

Our body reflects the influence of our satellite, because as we all know, up to 65% we're made up of water and for this reason we are affected by "biological tides" within our arteries and veins.

During the New and First Quarter (Crescent) Moon all fluids expand, and we call it also Fertile Moon. Fertile and "wet " as the female reproductive quality of the Earth.

Instead it's considered "hot" from the First Quarter to Full Moon. The heat is a source of dynamic energy, able to create motion, passion, intensity and to produce growth, expansion and affirmation. This moon gives all its potential energy for accomplishing things.

On the contrary, when the Moon is waning, is decreasing, is a barren moon, no longer fertile, "dry" , like land that does not produce fruits ... a desert.
So the Moon from the last quarter to the New Moon is "cold". As cold as the Earth in the winter waiting for the renewal of spring.

Water is Life.


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