Sacred Circle for the Ancestors - 30/10
30 Nov 201620:30

Together in a Circle, under the New Moon of the Ancestors, the "day out of time", reconnecting and bringing healing to all that was before us, what gave us life, to Mother Earth.

Each one in his own way and from every part of the world can contribute to this event, creating a wave of healing and planetary consciousness, with meditation, songs, prayers, sending Reiki, Light and Love.
We'll be in the Inipi, a beautiful and profound ceremony of purification and contact with the Great Mystery, with the help of all the Elements, the Powers, the Sacred Songs, the Drum and the Čanupa.


The moon of November, Moon of the Ancestors, corresponds to a "dream time" in nature. 
With Samhain, the Celtic New Year, begins a new round in the wheel of seasons. 
This is the most mysterious and magical time of the year, and especially since the night of October 31 / November 1 for about ten days, the thin veil that separates us from other dimensions is even more intangible. 
In ancient times it was believed that the Spirits of the deads would return to walk the earth, visiting the livings: hence the habit of leaving food on the doorstep, and write messages to be thrown into the fire so that reached the afterlife.

We take advantage of this space to calmly deal with this particular phenomenon of Life that can be scary for someone: Death. 
We process our grief, we honor our loved ones and remember that every loss is followed by a rebirth, it is the very nature teaches us.

Aho! Mitakuye Oyasin. We are one with all our relations.


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