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    Sweat Lodge - ritual for cleansing and rebirth

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    To touch the Center, unchanging, infinite, eternal

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    Vision Quest - getting lost into the Nature, to meet your most authentic Self

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    Within the Mystery.

Mitakuye oyasin! In Lakota it means "we're all related" and "we're related to all".
The circle is the symbol of the native inclusivity. The understanding that all in the Universe goes in a circle. Nature moves in circles. All the Powers do, they do it in a circle likewise.
And when we place ourselves in a circle, we resemble this harmony and allow the Spirit, the Mystery to manifest.
Growing this seed, keeping the way clear, we realize in a circle we're mirrors reflecting each other.
In a circle we can experience being empty, being a witness, being a channel for the Divine and so allow the healing to happen. Availability, service, as pure love.
The giving, that is receiving at the same time. Totality.

In our Life, walking as humans, sometimes we forget we're are a part of this, but we can Remember each one of us is the Circle and the Center. We can remember how to Walk in a Sacred Way.

With the help of various techniques and tools: ancient rituals, meditation, reiki, the power of a drum beat and our own singing voice, we're guided back to our True Self - our Divine Self.

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