Sacred Circle - Mitakuye oyasin
Full Moon January 16th 2014 • Sacred Circle

Full Moon January 16th 2014

Wolf Moon, Big Winter Moon, Ice Moon, Old Moon

This Moon invites us to find and experiment the analogies we have with this fierce animals and their habits.
In winter, while frost and snow protect the seeds inside the ground, nature looks dorminet, hunting is very limited and wolves are in their dens spending time with their pack/family.

Also for humans January is the perfect time to take acre of the inner circle of their families: especially after socializing alot during the holidays. Now we can take a break and take care of our homes, the den and who inhabits it with us, whether adults or puppies.

We meet in a circle starting 20.30, meditanting, singing, drumming, praying, anybody find your way, anywhere you are to share this time for transformation. Sending energy and support to our new intentions, our relations - humans and not - and for manifesting peace on this Planet...

Our body, likewise our Planet, is affeced by the gravitational influence of the Moon, since it's two-thirds made of water and that's the reason why we have biological tides in our blood system.
Between the New Moon and the First Querter liquids expand, it's called Fertile Moon, Wet Moon, features always linked to the feminine and the fertility of the humid soil.
The Moon is "heating" between First Quarter and Full Moon. The heat is a source of dynamic energy, motion, intensity and growth, expansion, affirmation. This is the moon of will to succeed.
On the other hand, the waxing moon is retracting, dry, not fertile anymore, like a desert soil...Water is Life.
Last Quarter Moon is cold, like Winter season waiting for Spring, for renewal.



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