We organize seminars, retreats and experiencial workshop for healing ourselves and our relations. Together, in a circle, all connected.
Inipi - sweat lodge, Trance dance - Ghost dance, Hanbleceyapi - vision quest - from the Lakota way, the power of chanting, the drumming heartbeat, nature, they're all channels to dissolve our (false) belief of being separated from the Spirit, the Sacred, our True Self.
Reiki and Chi Neng Qi Gong. Meditation intensives.
Waki e Vistara



Búzios, Rio de janeiro - Brasil

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Who Are We


Seeker, musician, lucid dreamer, circle and inipi facilitator, visual designer. Since the early steps on the path he recognizes the voice of ancient cultures inside. This resonance brings him close to shamanic techniques for lucid dreaming and astral body journeys, to Black Elk and Osho’s vision.

Interested into the “zero level” of music — it’s primal, tribal source, the original heartbeat — since 1991 he realizes several albums and soundtracks for theatrical/dance pieces. He facilitates percussion circles in mental and therapeutic institutes, effective for catharsis and a space for listening inside and outside, for interconnection.

Blessed by meeting Sudhiro Miyaca Olowan, brother and teacher, who shares with him experiences and rituals and from whom he keeps learning the Lakota indigenous teachings received from Wallace Black Elk and John Fire Lame Deer and their ceremonies: Inipi (sweat lodge) and Hanbleceyapi (to cry for a vision). Now he’s bringing to the Sacred Circles the healing power of drums, chanting and rituals.


Seeker, musician, green buildings designer. Geobiology, Feng-Shui and Vastu consultant, Master Reiki, Chi Neng Qi Gong instructor. Accredited in the Italian Academy of Feng Shui Architecture / Institue of Research for Human and Environmental Sustainability.

In 1999 she recognizes Osho as a Master of life and in the following years she could experiment and practice in deep different meditation, growth and awareness techniques, like RebirthingVoicingPrimal,BioenergeticHealing Techniques, with therapists like Sudha, Pratibha, Niranjan Sapkal, Shunyo, Norma Van Osten.

Guided by a nomadic spirit and curiosity around different places on this planet, breathing, remembering and learning from different people and cultures she advances in her studies and touches the healing power of our own voice, the connection with the existence, the Divine. In 2006 she meet Sudhiro Miyaca Olowan, brother and teacher, coming in touch with the Lakota people and their ceremonies. That’s the starting point of different musical projects and the Sacred Circle project.